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Remote Desktop Software and Remote Desktop Connection

Save time and money with remote desktop software and PC remote access software Ammyy Admin

The remote computer access application, Ammyy Admin, meets the demand of millions of users world-wide. Our clients successfully use Ammyy Admin in attaining many goals for private and corporate uses.

Ammyy Admin - is a multi-task solution used as remote access software for remote server administration, distant assistance, education, virtual classes, and much more.

Ease of use and fast performance allow you to utilize Ammyy Admin as software for remote computer access and control as well as a universal communication tool.

Remote system administration

remote desktop access for system

  • With Ammyy Admin you will have easy and fast remote control of PC or server administration access. Manage enterprise networks and computers without worrying about the security of the communicated data. Remote administration with remote desktop software Ammyy Admin saves time and money adding extra efficiency to every business operation.
  • You can quickly connect to remote computers even if they're in different local area networks and don't have real IP addresses. Ammyy Admin is transparent for Firewalls, so you don't have to make any additional adjustments to ports or NAT settings.
  • Choose a price point that will perfectly fit your needs and scope of the goals set individually or by your company. Ammyy Admin - remote access software which is affordable for both small local companies with a staff of 10-15 persons and medium to large multinationals with 500+ employees.
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Remote Office

remote control of PC for remote

  • Ammyy Admin is an excellent solution to gain remote access to your work desktop and to remotely control your office PC while staying in touch with your colleagues while away from the office from any place world-wide. All you need is access to the Internet. It's really convenient when you want to retrieve documents or work files from your remote computer in your office or use specific software installed on corporate computers.
  • As Ammyy Admin works behind firewalls and doesn't require additional settings you can always connect to remote desktops of your office PC or your colleagues computers.
  • Manage offsite employees. Remote desktop software Ammyy Admin enables you to securely allow employees to work virtually, offsite. All you need to do is to setup a PC as an administrator and give permissions to access that PC. Remote employees will be able to work from any place and at any time.
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Remote Support

remote support

  • You can use Ammyy Admin for remote assistance or helpdesk purposes to assist your clients, business partners or even relatives and friends. Key advantage of Ammyy Admin for support issues is that there's no need to install any software, no need for administrator rights, or special settings to run the remote desktop software. Regardless of Firewalls or if the remote PC is behind NAT, the remote control session will be available within a few seconds after Ammyy Admin has been started.
  • With Ammyy Admin you can remotely support your partners by walking them through the issue on your own desktop or on the desktop of the remote user. This method guarantees a higher level of effectiveness in communication than telephone assistance. Moreover, you can also use a hands-free headset to talk and instruct your partner in real time.
  • Ammyy Admin is a single application for both the Operator and the Client. There is no need to download and run different remote access software parts for participants of the session what makes it quick and easy to arrange remote support without preliminary software preparations.
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On-line presentations/distance education

on-line presentations/distance

  • Optimized performance and easy use of Ammyy Admin remote desktop make it perfectly suited for on-line presentations and distance education opportunities.
  • On-line presentation participants can use the built-in voice chat option provided they have microphones and loud speakers or headsets.
  • On-line presentations have become an integral part of global business acumen. Ammyy Admin free remote access software makes it simple to successfully hold on-line presentations, and training sessions with features like quick performance and flexibility in adjusting settings, real-time voice chat, file manager, installation-free application that is fast and easy to use. All you need is internet access.
  • Remote desktop software Ammyy Admin can be easily applied for virtual classes in educational institutions. On-line educational sessions are a simple and convenient way to facilitate classes and online learning opportunities. Using Ammyy Admin free remote access software you can show students your actions and teaching materials plus have the ability to quickly access remote desktops of the class attendees to review their work or give instructions.
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Emplyees monitoring and control

Emplyees monitoring
and control

  • If you're a CEO, top manager of a company or project manager you have to be sure your subordinates don't waste their working time surfing the Internet or chatting in social networks. In this case you can connect to their desktops remotely and control all the actions in hidden or visible mode.

    Such approach helps to motivate staff and increase whole company productivity. You can also reveal unfair employees or even spies.
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Important data isolation

Important data security

  • Using Ammyy Admin let you save crucially important corporate information when a risk of data leakage arises due potentially unfair employee's actions.

    Important information may be client data bases, program source codes, internal business meetings protocols, know-how documents etc. It's also very essential when important data is kept in dangerous environment potentially exposed to fire, flood, extreme temperature etc.

    To resolve the issue it's enough to carry out all the information to a remote PC located in absolutely safe distant place and setup remote access to the PC using Ammyy Admin. This guarantees 100% data security no matter if the risk comes from unconscientiously employee actions or an accident.
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Economy on software licenses

Important data security

  • For start-ups and small sized companies sometimes it's a big deal to buy expensive software for the whole enterprise computer network.

    One can really economize on the software using Ammyy Admin. Just set up necessary licensed software on one of the PCs and grant access to this computer to any user of your network. Thus you can make savings available in a quite easy and affordable way.
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