remote access

Remote Desktop Software and Remote Desktop Connection

Ammyy is always developing cutting edge internet solutions. Our team has researched informational technologies and automation management of remote computer access services for many years. The result of our efforts is our new Remote Access system Ammyy Admin. Ammyy Admin was created in 2007.

Our programmers have used the most recent innovations from different fields of information and security technologies. Our goal was to create the perfect balance of functionality and usability, while ensuring end users comfort and ease in using our software. We're constantly exceeding our goals through the team efforts of our developers, analysts, resellers and our most important contributors, our clients.

Distinguishing features of our software are:
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Expert development
  • Top rated support
  • Reliability
Large enterprises and private individuals like using our software in many countries world-wide. (Join Us!)