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Remote Desktop Software and Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop with Ammyy Admin - excellent solution for distance education and virtual classrooms.

Application of Ammyy Admin remote desktop in computer classes in schools and universities is a convenient, advanced, effective and affordable way to augment the education process using advanced technology.

Ammyy's flexible licensing policy offers very reasonable conditions for software use for educational institutions.

Study in virtual classrooms

  • Besides remote PC access and administration Ammyy Admin is also widely used by educational institutions for distance learning and on-line, virtual classes.
  • Teacher's remote desktop can be accessed by an unlimited number of students to watch all the content presented on the remote PC screen without permission to control it.
  • Built-in voice chat lets students communicate during the lesson participate in discussions and group projects while receiving instruction in real time.
  • Ammyy Admin remote desktop application is equally suitable for both full-scale virtual classrooms and one on one instruction or meetings with students.

Study in traditional computer classes

  • Ammyy Admin remote desktop application is an excellent solution for studying in traditional computer classes in schools and universities. The teacher can display the image of his/her desktop and project questions and assignments directly onto the students PC screens. This hand's on method to interact between student and instructor uses new technology to advance learning.
  • Moreover, the teacher has an opportunity to remotely access student's desktops and watch their actions at their computers, comment on them, or give instructions as needed.
  • Remote desktop with Ammyy Admin is easy to understand and has a very user friendly interface. This system is simple to use, even for inexperienced PC users and children.

Benefits of using Ammyy Admin for educational institutions

Students can be located anywhere in the World.
Teachers can watch and monitor student activity.
Students can help each other in groups.
Flexible optimized traffic adjustments are economical.