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Remote Desktop Software and Remote Desktop Connection

Provide fast and easy support to your relatives and friends with remote desktop control and remote desktop access software, Ammyy Admin.

Remote desktop access with Ammyy Admin will help you to get fast and easy home computer access from afar or offer remote support to your family and friends.

The application is free of charge for non-commercial use. You can use Ammyy Admin for an unlimited number of persons with the full set of features offered by Ammyy Admin.

remote desktop control

Remote access to home PC

  • Wherever you are, home PC remote desktop access will be always available for you with Ammyy Admin. All you need for home PC control is the Internet connection. Access your home PC remotely from anywhere using a friend's PC or an office PC to retrieve information or use your home software.
  • No problems with Firewalls or IP address settings.
  • Adjust Ammyy Admin for remote desktop control of unattended home PC with hardware ID and password authentication settings.
  • Use it for file transfer of text, music or photo files. Share files "live" with your family or friends sitting at a remote PC.

Remote support for your family and friends

  • Use Ammyy Admin for remote desktop access of your family and friends' PCs for technical support. You can provide quick assistance on any issue in question or transfer files and folders without leaving home or office with no additional installation and settings.
  • Easy and user friendly interface of Ammyy Admin is transparent and understandable for even inexperienced PC users.

Remote access to office PC

  • Sometimes it's impossible to get to the office but the work needs to be done anyway. Ammyy Admin can resolve the problem. Run Ammyy Admin on your office PC, adjust authentication settings and you can establish ultimate remote desktop control of your work PC to get your work done from anywhere, at any time.

Universal communication tool

  • Ammyy Admin is not only the application for remote desktop control but also a sterling tool for communication. Talk to your friends and family via an on-board voice chat using a headset and transfer files without worrying about information security.
  • All data is reliably protected and secured by high-standard encrypting algorithms.

Benefits from using Ammyy Admin for home

Use your PC to communicate instead of phone calls, save money
Help your family and friends with computer issues from home, fast.
Work on collaborative projects with friends in real-time, including voice-chat. Don't lose time on transfer to the office. Spend more happy hours with your family and friends.
Freedom and flexibility. Remote desktop access to your home PC is always available to you whenever you need it, from wherever you are.
remote desktop access