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Ammyy can offer prospective clients optimal pricing for both small businesses with staff of under 15 persons as well as medium to large companies, plus multinationals with 500+ employees.

You can find more information on licensing conditions here.

Dear customers! Please read carefully the main provisions of Ammyy Admin licensing policy below:
  1. All paid licenses are valid for 2 years. For this period, users will have access to technical support and all (major and minor) updates for free.
  2. (!) Each PC which is involved in commercial remote PC control session should have a paid license. As an exception Ammyy Inc. allows use of Free license on client side in cases of one-time spontaneous connections to clients (for example, spontaneous tech support) when the clients themselves and their number is unknown beforehand. The client using Free license will have limit which at the moment is 30 hours per month when connection by ID is used.
  3. Starter like Free license may have access limit of 30 hours per month when connection by ID is used. Upgrade from Free to Starter doesn't eliminate this limit.
  4. You have an option to instantly transfer license to other PCs free of charge. (no more than once a week).

Ammyy Admin   (learn more about licenses) Free Starter v3 Premium v3 Corporate v3
Choose computers number    price, USD - Buy
Average per 1 computer price, USD - $0 $0 $0
Use for Business Only for non-commercial use or trial.
Faster connection bandwidth due to less loaded dedicated routers use
Connection by ID (Internet access needed) Possible access limits, if software is used beyond 30 hours per month. Conditions of restriction can be changed without notifications to users. no time limits no time limits
Connection by IP or HostName (works without Internet) no limits
Number of concurrent sessions (sharing your computer) 1 unlimited 2 unlimited
Number of concurrent sessions (control/view other computers) 2 unlimited 4 unlimited
Solution for remote support, remote administration, training, sales etc.
File transfer
Contact Book allows storage of partner details
Connecting to or from users behind firewalls and NATs
Support HTTPs proxy with 100% secure connections (https/SSL)
Remote administration of unattended computers and servers; allows remote reboot and reconnect
Very small exe file, which runs without installation
Free for minor upgrades or using previous versions
Free auto-update, ensuring that you and your clients always run the latest version
Voice (audio) chat
View session logs of your computers (date and time, duration, traffic volume, client and operator ID)
No ads or pop-up messages
Technical support
Customizing Ammyy Admin by changing logo, icon, predefining private router and permissions, adding URL to your website in "about" section
High performance multi channel router (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD) Free, with license for 50 or more computers
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