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Ammyy Admin - Frequently Asked Questions

  • + 3. We need a purchasing invoice.
    • Answer: Could you, please, fill in a request here State exact date and amount of payment as well as your license number, e-mail, your company name and address.
  • + 10. I've got message "Remote Desktop is Unavailable"
    • Answer: This message means that on client side Ammyy couldn't get picture of desktop. The reason may be is not enough rights while showing special desktops (such as logon, screen-saver, UAC and so on). Solution is to run Ammyy on client side as service or as application but with administrator rights and with checked option "Settings" -> "Common" -> "Run under SYSTEM account on Windows ..."
  • + 18. How can I customize Ammyy?
    • Answer: Customizing by changing logo, icon, predefining private router and permissions, adding url to your website and so on.
  • + 22. How to delete Ammyy Admin (AA) from my pc?
    • Answer: To uninstall Ammyy Admin:
      1) Run AA under admin account
      2) Then click menu item "Ammyy"->"Service"->"Remove" or skip this step if service wasn't installed.
      3) Close AA
      4) Delete AMMYY_Admin.exe file.
  • + 28. How can I activate my license?
    • Answer: When you purchase a license you get an e-mail with license key and instructions.
      You should activate your license here.
      1) Enter your license number.
      2) Add ID of Pc you want to activate.