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Remote Desktop Software and Remote Desktop Connection

Graphic materials

This page contains graphic materials and software identity which include Ammyy logo, the corporate colors, Ammyy Admin software box and screenshots.

You can download and use presented materials in all published references to Ammyy Inc. official web site without any changes to the images except scaling with constraining proportions for the images.

In case you need company and software identity images of a different size and type (e.g. for printed materials), please contact us via this form.

Image File type Size, Kb Description
remote_control_PC_Ammyy_Admin_logo_gr gif 19.9 Green BG, stroked
remote_control_software_Ammyy_Admin_logo_gr gif 7.3 Green BG, stroked
free_remote_desktop_Ammyy_Admin_logo gif 11.0 White BG
screen_sharing_software_Ammyy_Admin_logo gif 4.6 White BG
remote_desktop_connection_Ammyy_Admin_logo png 28.1 Transparent BG
remote_desktop_Ammyy_Admin_logo png 14.5 Transparent BG
desktop_sharing_Ammyy_Admin_logo gif 6.6 Short logo, 128x128
remote_access_Ammyy_Admin_logo gif 2.7 Short logo, 64x64
remote_access_software_Ammyy_Admin_logo gif


Short logo, 32x32
remote_desktop_download_Ammyy_Admin_box gif 19.7 Ammyy Admin box, white BG, shadow, reflection
Ammyy_Admin_box_210_L_transp_shad_norefl png


Ammyy Admin box, transparent BG, shadow
remote_desktop_software_Ammyy_Admin_box gif 14.7 Ammyy Admin box, white BG, shadow, reflection
remote_desktop_control_Ammyy_Admin_box png


Ammyy Admin box, transparent BG, shadow
ammyy_admin_main_window png 44.6 Ammyy Admin main window


Ammyy Admin remote desktop window