remote access

Remote Desktop Software and Remote Desktop Connection

If you want to administer a remote, unattended server or PC, you must install Ammyy Admin Service which will allow you to do the following:

  • Restart computer
  • Log in/Log off
  • Switch users
Ammyy Admin Service for unattended servers administration installation guide
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Ammyy Admin Service installation guide

  • 1. Log on to Windows as administrator.
  • 2. Download and save to disk Ammyy Admin.
  • 3. Launch Ammyy Admin.
  • 4. Add permissions and password for the Operator's computers.
  • 4.1. Press menu "Ammyy" -> "Settings" and press "Access Permissions" button.
  • 4.2. Press "Add" button and specify the Operator's computer ID (or leave ANY), password and permissions.
  • 5. Install and start Ammyy Admin Service.
    Press menu "Ammyy" -> "Service" -> "Install". Then press menu "Ammyy" -> "Service" -> "Start".

    Ammyy Admin Service is working now! You can close Ammyy Admin application.