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Ammyy Admin v3.0 user manual video

Ammyy Admin - User Manual

  • About Ammyy Admin
    • Ammyy Admin - is software for remote PC access combining ease of use and powerful features. The software doesn't require installation or specific configuration to start working with. Ammyy Admin is free of charge for non commercial use.

  • Terms and abbreviations
    • Client - a PC which remote computer connects to.

      Operator - a PC which connects to a remote computer (Client).

      Encoder - special program algorithm that compresses screen image. The compressed image gets smaller in size what makes image transfer quicker.

      ID - unique identification number of a PC in Ammyy World Wide Network. The ID is generated automatically based on hardware characteristics of PC.

      IP - address assigned to each device participating in a computer network.

      Authentication - the act of confirming the truth of user rights for connection to a remote PC.

      NAT (network address translation) is the process of modifying IP address information in IP packet headers while in transit across a traffic routing device.

  • Basics of how Ammyy Admin works
    • Download and launch
      • Ammyy Admin - is an application that doesn't require installation. To get 1st remote PC connection run it's necessary to download the software and launch it.

        Open web page in a browser and click the latest Ammyy Admin version. In security warning window click "Run". Ammyy Admin main window will appear on your screen.

        Repeat the same actions on the PC you want to connect to.

    • Main window
      • Ammyy Admin main window is divided into 2 sections. Left one refers to Client and right one - to Operator.

        Client's controls

        "Your ID" is a unique identification number of a local PC which Ammyy Admin is run on. The ID is generated automatically based on hardware characteristics the first time Ammyy Admin is started. It will not change later on.

        ID serves for remote Internet connection of PCs located in different local area network, behind NAT routers. Connection by ID implies use of external routers which make remote control of PCs behind NAT possible.

        "Your IP" is an IP address of a local PC which Ammyy Admin is run on. In case all the computers of remote control session are located in one LAN or have external IP addresses you can establish direct TCP connection by IP.

        "Your IP" text box may contain several IP addresses according to local network connection configuration.

        Connection indicators

        Ammyy Admin has several connection status indicators referring to connections by ID and IP.

        Top line of indicators refers to connection status of current process (application). Bottom line of indicators refers to connection status of any Ammyy Admin process launched on the PC. It may indicate Ammyy Admin service or other Ammyy Admin process.

        Indicators for ID (from left to right):

        1 - ID connection wait mode is on
        2 - Connected to router
        3 - Router responded
        4 - Operator is connecting
        5 - Operator has been authorized

        Indicators for IP (from left to right):

        1 - IP connection wait mode is on
        2 - Operator is connecting
        3 - Operator has been authorized

        "Start" and "Stop" buttons

        Bottom part of the Client section contains session control buttons.

        You can switch Ammyy Admin to "wait for session" mode by clicking "Start".

        The default value of "wait for session" mode is active. Ammyy Admin will be ready to accept external connections each time it is run.

        You can change this setting manually. Go to main menu Ammyy -> Settings -> Client. Change checkbox "Automatically start "wait for session" mode" value in accordance with your needs.

        "Stop" button interrupts active connections and stops "wait for session" mode. This button closes all connections (If the connection was established to the service, you have to stop the service).

        Operator's controls

        Client ID/IP is a textbox to input ID or IP of a computer which is necessary to establish remote connection to.

        Dropdown list "Desktop..." is a connection mode and remote desktop image quality presets list which gives the Operator a chance to choose connection type in accordance with the goal of remote control session and select optimum balance between remote desktop image transfer rate and quality.

        Default items of the list include:

        Desktop - speed <256 Kb
        Desktop - speed 256 Kb - 1Mb
        Desktop - speed 1Mb - 5Mb
        Desktop - speed > 5Mb
        Desktop - photo JPEG 20%
        Voice Chat
        File Manager only
        Speed Test only
        Microsoft RDP

        Checkbox "View Only" under the dropdown list is visible only when one of the "Desktop" connection modes is selected.

        This checkbox, when checked, limits the Operator's rights only to view the desktop of the Client. Mouse movements and keyboard inputs will not be translated to the remote computer.

        "A-Z" button

        This button activates Ammyy contact book.

        "Connect" button

        This button starts connection to the Client in the selected mode. To stop remote PC access session close the remote desktop window or file manager window depending on the used connection mode.

        Status bar

        Status bar is located in the bottom section of the main window. It provides users with information on connection status to external routers or errors during attempts of connection to the Client. It also indicates active folders on local machine accessed by Operator in file manager connection mode.

    • Connection modes
      • Ammyy Admin provides 5 various connection modes. Depending on the goal you want to achieve with remote PC control session you may choose the following modes.


        This item implies basic connection to the desktop of a remote PC that provides full set of remote control features including view and control of the desktop, file manager and voice chat. To activate remote desktop session type in Client ID or IP and select connection speed (between you and your partner) in the dropdown list and click "Connect" button.

        Ammyy Admin will automatically choose optimum remote desktop image quality for this particular connection speed. To find out the connection speed use "Speed test" mode. See below.

        "Audio chat"

        Ammyy Admin can be used as a tool for phone calls. This means you can use the software to talk to your partners via Internet. The steps to be taken to establish the connection are the same as for the desktop connection, but the remote desktop image transfer and control feature will not be active.

        Audio chat can also be started during remote desktop control session from "Control Panel". You can learn about it more in "Control Panel" section.

        "File manager"

        You can directly connect to the file system of a remote PC and exchange necessary files and folders between local and remote PC in file manager connection mode. The remote desktop control and view modes are not activated. You can learn more about File Manager in "Control Panel" section.

        "Speed Test"

        You can find out real connection speed between you and your partner with "Speed Test" special connection mode. This is only informational feature not providing remote control of a PC in any way.

        To check the connection speed type in Client's ID or IP and select the corresponding item in the drop down list and click "Start". The results of the test will be displayed in the window.

        Dnload speed refers to download or incoming traffic speed.
        Upload speed refers to outgoing traffic speed.

        "Microsoft RDP"

        Ammyy Admin let connect to a remote computer via Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) which is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft, that provides a user with a graphical interface to another computer.

        You can learn more about RDP connection in section Settings -> Operator

    • Remote PC control
      • To start remote PC control session do the following:

        1) Find out ID or IP of a computer you want to connect to. ID and IP are displayed in the Client (left) section of the main Ammyy Admin window in corresponding text boxes.


        2) Type ID or IP into "Client ID/IP" text box in the Operator (right) section.

        3) Select the necessary connection mode in the dropdown list below.

        4) Click "Connect" button.

        5) A message window will be displayed on the Client's screen stating "Operator ID *** is connecting to your PC".

        This window will allow the Client to select proper rights for this particular Operator and opportunity to accept or reject connection attempt.

        To start remote connection the Client has to confirm session activation by clicking "Accept".

    • Desktop demonstration
      • If you want to show your desktop to a partner on remote side do the following:

        1) Tell Operator your ID or IP. ID and IP are displayed in the Client (left) section of the main Ammyy Admin window in corresponding text boxes.


        2) The Operator has to input your ID or IP into "Client ID/IP" text box in the Operator (right) section of Ammyy Admin main window and click "Connect" button.

        3) Your screen will display a message stating "Operator ID *** is connecting to your PC". This window will allow you to select proper rights for this particular Operator and opportunity to accept or reject connection attempt.


        If you want your partner (Operator) to have rights only to view your screen without option to control it then leave only checkbox "View Screen" checked in the confirmation dialogue window. In case you're going to communicate by voice during the session also check "Voice Chat" item.

        You can save the selected access permissions for this Operator for further sessions. To do it check "Remember my answer for this Operator" in the checkbox below. Next time this Operator connects to your PC Ammyy Admin will automatically accept the connection with predefined access permissions used in 1st session.

        4) To start remote connection the Client has to confirm session activation by clicking "Accept".

    • Control panel
      • Remote desktop window
        • Ammyy Admin let use additional remote control features and adjust connection configuration for better performance as well as retrieve additional information on Client's PC and connection right during active session.

          The control panel buttons are visible only during remote control session in the upper side of the remote desktop window.

      • Connections settings
        • This option allows editing Operator's self access permissions within current connection, change screen scale and configure mouse cursor shape both on the local and remote PCs as well as to get additional info about current connection and Client's PC.

          Click #1 button on the control panel to enter connection settings window.

          Operator's access permissions configuration

          You can limit your ability to control Client's PC during current session by unchecking corresponding items in "Permissions" section.

          If you want to only view the remote desktop with no option to manipulate remote clipboard uncheck all the enabled permissions items and click "Ok".

          Screen scaling and changing mouse cursor shape

          You can configure remote screen scaling in case local and remote desktops screen resolutions differ. This will help you to achieve better image display for more convenient work.

          To configure remote desktop image scale select in dropdown list of "Display" section necessary "scale by" value or select "Auto" value to let the remote desktop image dynamically change depending on the window size.

          Full-screen mode

          Check this item to switch to full-screen mode. Control panel will not be available in this mode. To return to window mode use Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F combination.

          Auto-scroll for window mode

          In case this item is checked Ammyy Admin will automatically scroll the remote desktop window when mouse cursor approaches closely to the window sides if the screen resolution of Operator's PC is smaller than Client's one.

          Local and remote mouse cursor shape

          To change local and remote mouse cursor shapes use corresponding dropdown lists below. You can save changes made to the display settings by clicking "Save" button. The next session will be launched under saved display configuration.

          If you want to restore previous display settings click "Load" button.

          Connection information about remote host

          In the bottom of the connection settings window you can find auxiliary information on the following items:

          Remote ID - Client ID
          Ammyy: v3.0 - build Nov 8 2011 at 04:07:39 - Ammyy Admin version and build used on the remote side.
          Computer OS: Windows 5.1.2600 SP2.0 - Operating system on the remote side.
          Computer name: NOTEBOOK04 - Name of Client PC.
          Desktop size: 1366 x 768 - Client screen resolution.
          Desktop format: 32 bits - x8r8g8b8 - Client color quality scheme
          Network format: 16 bits - r5g6b5 - Color quality scheme supported by the current connection.
          Transport: Direct TCP with - Connection type.
          Traffic: 66 Kb / 0 Kb -Volume of received/sent data in Kb

      • Connection encoder
        • Manual connection encoder configuration let you adjust color quality and encoder for better performance of each session.

          To enter connection encoder window click #2 button on the control panel during active remote desktop control session.

          Color quality

          You can select necessary color quality scheme based on your requirements to the current performance. The lower color quality you choose the faster the image of remote desktop will be refreshed.

          Possible variants:

          8bit grayscale - 256 shades of grey color
          8bit - color 8 bit, 256 colors
          16bit - color 16 bit, thousands of colors
          24bit/32bit - color 24/32 bit, millions of colors


          RAW - no codec is applied. The image is transmitted without compression.

          AAFC (Ammyy Admin Fast Screen Codec) - fast codec with compression level lower than AAC. Recommended for use when connection speed exceeds 5-10 Mbit/s.

          AAC (Ammyy Admin Screen Codec ) - codec that allows manual configuration of compression level and jpeg compression level. Select AAC if you want to make precise adjustments to image quality.

          Compression level - level that defines image compression without loss. The higher the value is the more time is spent for compression and the better compression is achieved.

          Jpeg compression - level of image compression with loss. The lower jpeg level set the lower picture quality and better compression is achieved. Recommended for low bandwidth connections.

      • File manager
        • File manager allows direct file system connection during active remote control session. To launch file manager click #3 button on the control panel.

          Main window of file manager is divided into 2 sections. Left section displays files and folders of local PC, right one displays files and folders of remote PC.

          Copy of files and folders

          To copy files and folders from local to remote PC open destination folder on remote PC in file manager, select objects to transfer and click #2 button in the left section of file manager or F5.

          The progress bar indicating copy process will appear in the bottom of file manager window.

          To copy files and folders from remote to local PC open destination folder on local PC in file manager, select objects to transfer on remote PC and click #2 button in the right section of file manager or F5.

          You can copy files and folders between local and remote computer desktops up to 140 Tb in size with the ability to resume interrupted downloads without information loss.

          Edit/Deletion of files and Adding/Edit/Deletion of folders

          File manager let edit and delete files, or add, edit and delete folders on local and remote PC.

          Choose object for edit and click #3 button in the corresponding section of file manager or press F2. After you have finished editing of the object press Enter.

          If you want to add a folder select necessary directory and click #4 button in the corresponding section of file manager or press Ctrl+N.

          To delete necessary files and folders select objects and click #5 button in the corresponding section of file manager or press Delete.

          Files list refresh

          Use #1 button in the corresponding section of file manager or Ctrl+R to refresh the list of files and folders on remote or local PC. This feature is used to see changes made to the file system during current remote control session.

      • Voice Chat
        • Operator can activate voice chat during the active remote control session provided one has corresponding access permissions and all the parties of the session have special audio equipment for voice communication (microphones and headphones).

          To start voice chat click #4 button on the control panel, the voice chat will start automatically. To stop voice chat click #4 button on the control panel again.

          It is recommended to use headsets for voice chat in order to eliminate echo during conversation.

      • Screen features
        • Remote desktop switch off/on

          In case remote desktop control session is over and you need to go on with voice communication with your partner or connection speed doesn't allow successful voice chat while remote desktop control is active you can switch off remote desktop by clicking #5 button on the control panel.

          To restore remote desktop image transmission and control click #5 button on the control panel again.

          Full screen mode

          You can switch to full-screen mode to work with remote PC as if you are sitting right in front of it. For this click #6 button on the control panel or Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F.

          To exit full-screen mode use combination Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F again.

          Remark: The control panel will not be available when full screen mode is used.

          Request screen refresh

          Sometimes it is necessary to manually refresh image of remote screen. It may happen in cases of connection malfunction when image of remote desktop refreshed only in part. To manually request screen refresh click #7 button on the control panel.

      • System keys
        • Ammyy Admin provides option of transmission to remote PC of system keys signals like Ctrl, Win, Alt and Alt+Ctrl+Del. Use the corresponding #8, #9, #10 and #11 buttons on the control panel to send system keys signals during remote desktop control session.

          You can also work with remote clipboard and copy/paste data from local to remote PC and vice versa using standard Windows combinations Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

    • Contact book
      • For convenient work with a number of permanent partners you can use Ammyy Admin contact book.

        To open the contact book click "Contact book" button in the main Ammyy Admin window or select it from menu Ammyy -> Contact book.

        Adding/Edit/Deletion/Reorder of contacts and folders

        To add a new contact click #1 button in the Contact book.

        Type in name and ID or IP of your contact in the corresponding text boxes below. Add contact description if necessary and click "Ok".

        If you want to add a multi level folder to combine contacts check "Folder" box when adding a contact and type in a name of the folder. The ID/IP text box will not be available for modification.

        Click "Ok". Now you can add new contacts and subfolders into this folder.

        You can fulfill standard set of manipulations with contacts and folders like edit, delete or reorder with #2, #3 and #4 buttons of the contact book respectively.

        Import/Export of contact book


        To import contacts data from a file click left button of the import/export button row, choose file and click "Open".

        To export contacts data into a file click right button of the import/export button row, choose target folder and click "Save".

        Remark: At importing contacts all the contacts in the current contact book will be lost.

        Connection to a contact

        To start remote desktop session with a partner from the contact book select the contact from the list and double click on it or click "Connect" button below.

    • Settings
      • Client
        • To configure settings referring to the Client section of Ammyy Admin click Ammyy->Settings and select Client tab.

          Start "wait for session" mode automatically

          This checkbox runs Ammyy Admin in a mode waiting for incoming connection. Default value - checked.

          Show tooltip

          When a user rolls mouse cursor over an icon, file, folder, shortcut or other graphic element in Windows OS a tooltip is displayed. Due to specific features of OS Windows the mouse cursor on the Client's desktop may blink during remote desktop connection.

          Uncheck this item to eliminate the mouse cursor blinking and turn off tooltips.

          Disable desktop background

          To speed up remote desktop image transmission from Client to Operator it's recommended to disable desktop background by the corresponding checkbox.

          Client desktop background will be disabled only within the current session. After the session is finished the background will be restored.

          Disable visual effects / desktop composition

          Ammyy Admin will disable the following visual effects during remote connection:

          - Fade or slide menus into view
          - Fade or slide ToolTips into view
          - Fade out menu items after clicking
          - Show shadows under mouse pointer
          - Show shadows under windows
          - Slide open combo boxes
          - Smooth-scroll list boxes
          - Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing
          - Animate controls and elements inside windows
          - Desktop Window Manager composition. Refers to windows transparency

          It's recommended to check this item for better performance on low bandwidth connections.

          Access permissions

          Ammyy Admin security is based on multi level Operators authentication system. Connection to a Client is provided by manual accept, by password or by Hardware ID. Combination of these levels let not only significantly simplify authentication and configure remote connection procedure in a flexible way but also eliminate potential risk of unauthorized access of a third party and data loss.

          You can provide full or limited permissions to access your PC to any Operator with ID you already know or to Operator which ID is unknown yet.

          To open access permissions section click Ammyy -> Settings -> Client -> Access Permissions in main menu of Ammyy Admin.

          Authentication by ID

          You can grant access to predefined Operators without need to manually accept remote connection each time remote side attempts to start session. This means authentication of known Operators will be fulfilled automatically at connection.

          To grant access permissions by ID do the following:

          Click "Add" button and type in Operator ID who you want to provide with access permissions. Leave password field empty in order to let the Operator connect to your PC without password input.

          Click "Ok"

          Select the line containing Operator ID you entered in access permissions section. Access permissions for this Operator will be available for edit in the right part of the section.

          Leave checked only those permissions you want to assign to this Operator. In order to grant full access to your PC leave all the items checked.

          Authentication by password

          In addition to authentication by ID you can configure access permissions for predefined or any unknown Operator to connect by password.

          Click "Add" button and type in Operator ID whom you want to provide with access permissions. Input password for the Operator.

          If you want to grant access permissions by password to an Operator with unknown ID (any Operator) type in word "ANY" in the Operator ID field and set password in the field below. This configuration means everyone who knows ID of your computer and password will be able to connect to your PC.

          You can change the password by double clicking "Password" or "Confirm password" field in edit Computer ID window.

          Authentication by password may be convenient when you don't know in advance from which PC the connection will be established as well as in situations when unknown number of PCs is going to connect to your computer, for example, at a webinar arrangement.

          Attention: Empty value of password provided Operator ID is "ANY" will allow anyone to connect to your PC without authentication. It's not recommended to leave password empty for "ANY" Operator.

          Authentication by ID in combination with authentication by password represents highly reliable way of connection to a remote PC as it eliminates risk of unauthorized access as connection to the PC will be possible only from the computer which ID is added to the operators access permissions list even in case of password loss or password leakage to a third party.

          Manual user authentication

          In case Operator ID isn't added to the access permissions list (common case for a 1st time connection) and Operator ID "ANY" line is missing, during the connection attempt the Client's PC will display a message window stating "Operator ID *** is connecting to your PC".

          This window will allow the Client to select proper rights for this particular Operator and opportunity to accept or reject connection attempt.

          If the Client checks "Remember my answer for this operator" box located below "Accept"/"Reject" buttons Ammyy Admin will automatically add this partner to the list of authorized Operators with corresponding access permissions.

      • Operator
        • Operator tab of the main settings menu contains adjustable parameters relating to Ammyy Admin Operator's section.

          Request client's router IP

          If unchecked Ammyy Admin will connect to the 1st router of the public routers list. It's recommended to leave the box checked.

          Warn at switching to the full-screen mode

          If checked, Ammyy Admin will display warning window with hints of how to exit full-screen mode.

          Copy date/time of files

          If checked, Ammyy Admin will save modified date/time at copying files from or to remote PC via file manager.


          All the data communicated with Ammyy Admin during a remote desktop session is held in secure encrypted form. All information including display images, cursor moves, keyboard input, file transfer, etc is encrypted with hybrid algorithm AES-256 and RSA-1024.

          AES-256 algorithm is used by default. You can select the hybrid algorithm in the dropdown list below.

          RDP Settings

          Ammyy Admin allows connection with Microsoft RDP. To configure connection with RDP select main menu Ammyy -> Settings -> Operator -> RDP Settings.

          Remote desktop

          Select necessary window size or full-screen mode and color scheme in section remote desktop of the RDP Settings window. Settings on remote computer may override these settings.

          Remote sound

          RDP gives an option to choose whether to leave sound on remote PC or to bring sound from remote to local computer or even disable sound playback on remote PC in the dropdown list in remote sound section.


          RDP provides additional settings for adjustment to achieve better performance at current connection speed. Check necessary items in performance section to get remote control session convenient for work.

          Encoder profiles

          Ammyy Admin provides option to create new user encoder profiles and edit default profiles.

          To create new encoder profile click "Encoder Profiles" button in Operator tab of Ammyy settings and then click #1 button of the encoder profiles control panel.

          Configure new profile in accordance with your needs and add description which will be displayed in the dropdown list in Operator section of Ammyy Admin main window. Click "OK".

          To edit, delete or reorder profiles in the list use #2, #3 and #4 buttons of the encoder profiles control panel respectively.

          If you want to reset profile list to default click "Reset profiles" button. All the user profiles created before will be deleted, but default Ammyy Admin profiles will be reset.

      • Common
        • Audio playback/recording device

          You can select audio device used for playback and record of sound during voice chat at active session. If you want to disable your microphone and have an opportunity only to hear sound from remote PC and don't transmit your voice to the remote side select "audio recording device OFF" in the dropdown list.

          Log debugging info into file

          Check this box to let Ammyy Admin log debugging info into a file. The file is automatically created in the folder executable file of Ammyy Admin is in and has file extension *.log.

          Run under system account on Windows Vista/7/2003/2008

          If checked Ammyy Admin process works under system account what allows coping with problems caused by UAC (User Account Control).

          Access files under current user account

          If checked Ammyy Admin will access file system under the name of current user what is especially important for work with Remote Desktop, Remote Documents.

      • Network
        • Ammyy Admin can connect remote computers in 2 different ways:

          1) Connection by ID. This type of connection can be used when computers are located behind NAT routers and don't have real (external) IP addresses.

          To realize such type of connection it is necessary to use auxiliary intermediary routers which fulfill port forwarding procedure. Network tab contains the list of public routers used for port forwarding. Users who have paid license for Ammyy Admin are provided with private Ammyy routers software for use instead public ones. You can learn more about private routers at

          2) Direct IP connection. This type of connection can be used in case remote PCs have external IPs and/or located within one local area network.

          To realize such type of connection use of auxiliary intermediary routers is not required thus the connection is possible for PCs that are within one LAN without use of the Internet, or connection via the Internet for PCs having external IPs.

          Ammyy World Wide Network

          If you want to establish connections between PCs not having external IPs it is necessary to use Ammyy World Wide Network representing a number of routers located in different countries. Default value of the box is checked.

          HTTPs Proxy

          In case your PC connected to the Internet via https proxy server you can manually enter IP address, port and login information or import these settings from Internet Explorer:

          Manual input of proxy settings:

          Click button HTTPs Proxy in the Network settings tab
          Check box "HTTPs Proxy" and type in IP address and port of the proxy
          Input authentication data or leave these fields empty if authentication is not required
          Click "Ok"

          IE settings import

          To automatically import proxy settings from IE click "Set IE proxy settings" and click Ok"

          Remark: In order to let new settings take into effect restart Ammyy Admin.

          Allow direct TCP

          Ammyy Admin tries to establish direct IP connection first. If it's not possible the connection is realized via external Ammyy routers. If this box is unchecked then all connections will be only via routers.

          External TCP ports

          These ports help to establish direct IP connection. The system checks external TCP ports for availability from outside. If external TCP port is not available check your NAT and firewall settings or check if this port isn't busy by other application.

          Allow incoming connection by IP

          You can allow direct IP connections by checking this box.