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March 22th 2011. «Ammyy» LLC, a leading remote PC control software development company offers a new version of popular Ammyy Admin 2.13 used free of charged for non-commercial purposes.

March 22th 2011

Ammyy Admin is widely used for remote PC administration and remote helpdesk among personal, middle and large-sized corporate users. Unique Ammyy Admin features allow the control of remote computers and servers that are in other locations and local area networks even if they don't have real IP addresses. The software doesn't require port mapping, installation or administrator rights. It works behind all known firewalls and provides high standard data security by means of powerful hybrid crypto algorithm AES + RSA.

One of the most significant software updates provides the user with an improved authentication system that connects the user ID to a unique hardware ID. The user can permit access to the operator (PC user who is to control remote desktop) with a predefined ID, or provide access rights to the operators with any ID by password. This method substantially enhances data transfer security and excludes the risk of unauthorized remote PC access.

The new version of Ammyy Admin includes the advanced access permissions feature that lets the client (user of remote PC to be controlled) set the operator's control activity limits. The client has an option to grant unlimited operator's access to remote PC, including file manager, clipboard, etc, or limit the operator's rights with a "view only" option. The improved data transfer technologies, optimized performance, as well as a new unattended server administration feature are important, new Ammyy Admin updates.

You can learn more about Ammyy Admin 2.13 and download it at the official Ammyy Inc. web site


Ammyy Admin is free of charge for non-commercial use only.
Home and Business licenses can be obtained at

About Ammyy Inc.

Ammyy Inc is one of the leading remote desktop control software providers in the world.
The most popular Ammyy product is Ammyy Admin. Since the moment of its inception, Ammyy Inc. has developed efficient solutions for remote system administration, remote helpdesk and distance education.
Ammyy's products and products-based solutions are widely applied among both personal and large-sized corporate users.